Gerarian Constitution

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The Gerarian Constitution[1] describes the Gerarian Government, executive powers, departments and basic laws.

Structure of the Constitution[edit | edit source]

The Constitution is divided into four[2] articles.

  1. General Rights of Citizens
  2. National Law
  3. Roles and Powers
  4. Cities and puppet states.

General Rights of Citizens[edit | edit source]

The article General Rights of Citizens guarantees basic rights to Gerarians. It is similar to the constitutions of real-world nations, beginning with the clause that all citizens are free and equal. It guarantees the right to assemble, to exercise freedom of speech and to the right of participating in the government. These rights and freedoms make Geraria one of the freest nations in Eldham, despite having a strong Chancellor and a centralized government.

National Law[edit | edit source]

This article specifies various crimes and civilian laws. The first paragraph prohibits obvious crimes like murder and theft. The second paragraph – Civilian Laws – describes laws such as the requirement of a permit in order to build and the requirement of fair pay. The third paragraph – Taxation – warns the reader that taxes may rise or fall depending on the economic situation. Citizens must therefore pay taxes, regardless of the current tax rate.

The last article – Business Laws – states that all businesses must pay a 10% tax, that they must ask for a build permit, that their tax is limited to $1000 per day, and others. It states that the Government will not take responsibility[3] for crimes committed on businesses.

Roles and Responsibilities[edit | edit source]

This article is the longest article, divided into sections instead of paragraphs. The first section – "Voting" – states how workers in each Department (Ministry) ought to be fired, how minister must be addressed, and the duty of advisors. It also lists the requirements to apply for minister or advisor.[4]

The second section covers the individual departments. They are:

  1. Department of Construction
  2. Department of Defense
  3. Department of Justice
  4. Department of Economy
  5. Department of Public Affairs
  6. Department of Agriculture
  7. Department of State
  8. Department of Propaganda
  9. Department of Resources

When Gerarians refer to these departments, they usually use the short form: DoC for Department of Construction, DoPA for Department of Public Affairs, DoA for Department of Agriculture, and so on.

Cities, puppet states[edit | edit source]

This article states that all towns must oblige by the national government – that they can't declare independence or act on the Government's behalf. Finally, it states that town leaders who break these rules will be sentenced for treason.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  2. The constitution states that there are six articles, while there are only four.
  3. Withdrawing responsibility ensures that the Government won't have to pay reparations.
  4. The head of each ministry is called the Minister, while the ministries are called Departments.