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Geraria has relations with several powerful countries in Eldham. Since the ascension of BluDogCam to the Chancellory, Geraria has been a country present at the international stage, having signed defensive treaties with several nations, including GoonGuard.

Recently, Geraria has focused its foreign policy on the recent Geraria-Vulperium War.

Relations with GoonGuard[edit | edit source]

Geraria has maintained good relations with GoonGuard since March 2022. Heads of both governments have signed a treaty of friendship.[1]

Relations with Illumina[edit | edit source]

Relations with Illumina are similar to those with GoonGuard. While not being allied or in the same faction, the two countries have signed a defensive treaty, guaranteeing peace between the them.[2]

Relations with Luxendef[edit | edit source]

Luxendef and Geraria were separate powers until July 2022. The two nations were in the same region, and both had interest to expand in influence. After a period of economic stagnation and population decline, Luxendef's leader Dragooney decided to merge with Geraria, with the goal of stimulating the economy and having a stronger defense.

In July 2022, Geraria formally annexed Luxendef. Geraria sent $600000 to Luxendef in order to boost the economy. After the annexation, cities in Luxendef started to expand, most notably Aqiagrad.

Relations with Vulperium[edit | edit source]

Relations with Vulperium are tense, because of the Geraria-Vulperium War. After announcing the War, Chancellor BluDogCam announced the beginning of military excercises in Geraria on August 11th, 2022.

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