Death of Dragooney

From Geraria
Dragooney's skin before his departure.

On the 4th of September, 2022, it was announced that the Grand Priest of Lux and former Shah of Luxendef, Dragooney, had died.

After his recent unban, he briefly joined, but subsequently announced that he left Luxendef. This came as a great shock to the community, as he was the leader of one of the most popular religions. DeNerdBoy delivered a small eulogy in Discord, as he didn't expect Dragoneey to leave so abruptly: "I know, it's just a block game, but still – he will be missed. RIP Natin".

His funeral was announced but not yet scheduled, but most likely will take place in Luxendef or in Solisios, the religious capital of Lux.


Dragooney was the leader of Luxendef since the beginnings, always being involved in projects and events. His zenith in early summer 2022 was marked by substantial economical growth and expansion. He was admired by his people, and citizens saw him as one of them.

A major decision of his was the full integration into Geraria. On one hand, it promised funds for the stagnating cities and increased tourism. On the other hand, he completely handed over the country's sovereignty, losing control of his nation.

Regardless of one's political opinion, he is still admired, loved, and missed.