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Aqiagrad is a major port city in Luxendef, southwest of its capital Luxengrad. Its current Mayor is Simba_097.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The name Aqiagrad is derived from Deflad, just like other cities in Luxendef. Aqiagrad means something like "Aqua-city", signifying its proximity to water.

History[edit | edit source]

In May 2022, Luxendef's capital Luxengrad became full. There were plans to add new towns and villages inside of Luxengrad itself, but instead Dragooney decided to expand his country by creating the towns Zyapjug and Aqiagrad. He chose his close friend Simba_097 to be the Mayor of Aqiagrad, and instructed the town to be built near the coast.

Construction of the town began straightaway. Simba_097 hired talented builders like Gamerfilip to make builds, such as a sandstone settlement on the sea. This plan became successful – after one month, the city had many houses, enchanting tables, shops, and a dock facility.

In late July 2022, Dragooney ordered all buildings to be built in a specific style, involving sandstone and white terracotta. The goal was to unify Luxendef's building style and to make the cities more orderly. After Dragooney's announcement, Simba_097 announced to Aqiagrad's citizens that he will be renovating existing buildings.